Requiem For a Dream

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Today I have realized things that I had never realized before, the sky suddenly looked so beautiful when I sat on the grass. I look at the sky everyday, but it has never been as beautiful as tonight. I can still image the clouds moving with moonlight shining behind them.

My "Taxi Driver" and "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind"... I was planning to watch them this weekend but now I cannot. But I guess that is not a bad thing afterall.

I really want to watch "Cinderella Man" and "Corpse Bride"... Hope I'm not going to get snubbed this time...

It's a sort of psychological sickness you see? I am not "sick" as in being "sick" but I am "sick"... Do you get me?

It just doesn't feel great when you had just spent a beautiful day with a cute girl and then you realize that the next thing she's gonna do is to go home and shag with another guy...I don't mean I'm falling for her but you's just unimaginable...


  • i also like watching movies at home on weekends , so i know u r suffering . i hope u can get back ur vcds asap , lol

    if ur gals wont go watching " cinderlla man " n " corpse of bride " w/z u , nutnut is always ready 4 u , my lovely kid =)

    By Blogger nutnut, at 3:31 AM  

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