Requiem For a Dream

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Best of Youth

Watched "The Best of Youth" on Saturday. 「燦爛人生」這個中文名改得很好,看着電影再想起「燦爛人生」這詞總是感到一點點的 ironic。故事雖平淡但 卻十分寫實,散發着一絲絲的平淡美。那種悲哀的感覺是來得十分自然,沒有一點煽情,一點刻意。或許沒有太多人會欣賞這種十分「歐洲」的電影。I want to say sorry to the girl beside me. Next time I promise we will watch a more entertaining flick such as "Corpse of Bride", especially when we are both admirers of Tim Burton :p "影藝 D 位又真係幾唔好坐既..."


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