Requiem For a Dream

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Spent an hour reading your whole blog and xanga. This is actually the first time I read your xanga seriously. It's funny to see my name appearing in early December. When did we knew eachother? I've forgotten already...

Baby I'm sorry... I never understood how much pain you were going through. I feel really sad when I was reading your xanga. I regret for not to appear ealier. I regret for not being with you when you were suffering. I regret for letting someone hurt you that much. I regret for not giving you love when all you had is jealousy and hatred. I regret for letting you cry. I regret for not being with you when you can't sleep even after having pills. I regret for snubbing you for so many times. I remember telling you only true love can save a person when you were heartbroken, I hope one day you can really love yourself and others. Even though I might not be the one you truely love but please love yourself. Baby don't hate and envy anymore. I want to hold you right now. I want to hold you in my arms and tell you I love you. I will never let anyone hurt you anymore. And I'll never let you leave in such an easy way. No I'll never let go of you.

Then it went to the "mari" part... All I wanted do is to break the monitor lol. Espeically when I saw "marry me, mari!". Well maybe true love always includes a certain extent of jealousy I guess. :p


  • 當我睇到你寫 d 野 , 我知你真係有心睇過我 xanga n blogspot , 我睇得出 . . . 多謝

    By Blogger nutnut, at 1:09 AM  

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