Requiem For a Dream

Monday, October 24, 2005


由2005年10月5日至19日,透過地鐵資趣台及乘客資訊顯示系統邀請地鐵乘客 分享笑的理由,乘客可把笑的理由以手機短訊傳送至 6774 3134(中文訊息不超過三十字,英文不超過五十個字母)。地鐵公司、紀曉華先生及微笑行動將選出最出色的五個理由,在資趣台及乘客資訊顯示系統與其他地 鐵乘客分享,得獎的乘客將獲得由紀曉華先生送出的「帶著笑」購物布袋一個。

It's you. You are the reason behind my smile. "It's not about being perfect, it's about being perfect for you." Stop telling me you're not worth loving. I know you're nowhere near perfect but you're the perfect one for me. I love you. Make me smile everyday.


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