Requiem For a Dream

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Well I guess I don't have to tell you my story since now we know what each other is thinking. I'm glad that we were so truthful to each other in a peaceful and calm manner. Communication is the most important thing in human relationships afterall. I was kind of disappointed but at least I'm not so confused now...

Sometimes human beings are really strange... You're hunger for love and care, I provided you with what you need and I need you to need me as well; We love each other and had the happiest and sweetest time together. But for some reasons the happier we are and the more I do for u, the further you run away. Too bad I am unable to heal your broken heart. Too bad you don't have the courage to save yourself. Too bad I'm not the only one you love.

Right now I think I'm the best boyfriend on earth for what and how much I did. I'm really proud of myself because I am able to love someone with all of my heart and without any regrets.


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